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Managed Switch Services

Performance and Security at the Edge



We boost your network efficiency by analyzing the traffic and proposing improvements to traffic flows and packet handling on your

internally developed software.



We adapt to your architecture, vendors, and deployment.



We ensure business continuity and high availability of your network by testing the resilience of both your Wired and Wireless Networks.


SLA-Based Resolution

Both for incidents and requests made from the customer side.



We ensure tailored configuration for specific needs, working hand in hand with the customer.


24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock troubleshooting and configuration changes and requests.

What can we do for you?

We can define network access control features to hinder unauthorized access to your network and resources. Auditing your devices and their configuration will enable us to propose improvements and detect behaviours that can reduce productivity in your on-premises environment.

Furthermore, we can analyze your network traffic searching for performance issues.

What can we do For you?

Here at Ceramet, we consider taking the time to get to know your business is a key element to provide the best service. This means we invest all the required time to get to understand your necessities and your core business. This allows us to give feedback on improving room for your systems, security policies, network, security and systems hardening to avoid any unnecessary impact in your infrastructure.

Other Network Managed Services


Managed Router Service

Focusing on Routing efficiency, Quality of Service, Flow Control and Security.


Managed WiFi Service

Analyzing your infrastructure, managing it, and proposing improvements.

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